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Madden looks excellent, overflowing with lighting effects and far less of a synthetic look to players. Meanwhile, Madden Ultimate Team gains further depth, thanks to online cooperative play. Especially for Longshot mode, Madden 18 isn't perfect in its first try with a deep story mode, but it is still loaded with plenty of fun. Players firmly believe that U4GM is a trustworthy madden 18 coins supplier.

Noticeably, there are more varied body types, too, making the football field come even more alive, and everyone moves about with more fluidity. On top of that, the crowds and stadiums showcase greater details, creating a more convincing experience overall than any previous Madden. The story mode feels like a great add-on to a title that's typically all about playing games and managing rosters.

Madden 18's graphics are improved. What Madden does have going for it is it's story mode, Longshot. Sure it's a collection of quicktime events and responses to help your draft stock. Longshot begins like any good football story does: Kids playing catch in the yard. You first meet the main character, Devin Wade, pretending to win a big game with his best friend Colt Cruise and his father, Cutter.

Thankfully, the Switch came along and now you have a soccer gaming experience that's closer to the one on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Career mode, which lets you manage a team, is by far players favorite mode to play on the Switch. For Madden 18's fans, we will be keeping a close eye on this game's the latest news to let you know more, visit the official website here.

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Longshot, the interactive drama this year's Madden, tells the story of a man who tries to beat the odds to accomplish an impossible dream. With an all new story mode, this is Madden like you've never seen it. It's safe to say that Madden 18 is the NFL football video game you've been waiting for: The visuals and gameplay both see incremental improvements, this game is bound to draw all player's attention. Hence, further information on Madden 18 and its games can be found at: https://www.u4gm.com/madden-nfl-18.

When it comes to Madden 18's story mode Longshot, we must talk about Wade. Wade is instantly sympathetic, and the potent Frostbite engine makes him and a handful of other characters come to believable life. It nearly goes off the rails early when Wade joins a football reality show helmed by a creepy, tactless producer. Wade is reticent, anxious, mistrustful and frustrated when his career stalls because of something that happened in his family.

Longshot feels off kilter as you indulge in sudden, lengthy portions of familiar gameplay that pull you out of the story. In the history of the Franchise, this is the first time, there is a decent story mode called Longshot. In addition of this, smart tweaks make every moment of your Madden experience more accessible and more in line with whatever takes place in the actual NFL, and both the solo and multiplayer action overflows with options.

Longshot is the series first true foray into the story modes that suddenly proliferate the sports gaming landscape, and it has larger goals than any sporting game story mode before it. Longshot is the whole game's highlight, if you have more questions, at any time, we will reply you, you just need to click here.

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Madden NFL 18 is highly acclaimed by players throughout the world, and nearly all players are willing to buy madden 18 coins from U4GM. This edition of Madden 18 offers us a story mode that focuses equally on the backstory of the main character and the challenges he is trying to overcome to make it to the NFL.

In Madden 18, the new story mode is called Longshot, there's a lot more game in Longshot, the ambitious but lopsided five-hour narrative Electronic Arts has developed as a kind of disguised tutorial for Madden NFL 18. You are Devin Wade, an aspiring quarterback who has all the tools to be good at football but has gone through some unfortunate life events.

The game makes you feel like you have to make the NFL at all costs. The tale surrounds the ups and downs of young football hopeful Devin Wade, who is played with sincere zeal by JR Lemon from NBC's "The Night Shift" medical drama. Wade's backstory isn't full of sunshine and roses. While you're playing, you find yourself anxious to figure out what the hell happened in his life.

Anyway, Longshot is indeed considered as an awesome and unique aspect of Madden 18. You suddenly you find yourself in a realistic and immersive football gameplay, you will be surrounded with limitless pleasure from this game. In the new story mode, you can make certain decisions that affect your player's draft grade throughout the whole story. Focus on viewing more Madden 18's news and tips, reference from here.

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This year's Madden NFL 18 features a new story mode and new means to team up and play with friends. At the same time, it's also the first time for madden franchise to run on EA's Frostbite game engine. On top of that, Longshot is a new game mode that added into this year's madden franchise madden NFL 18. Madden 18 coins are the most important elements in the game, are you about to buy coins?

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When it comes to Madden 18, owing to EA Sports invested heavily in real-life actors, like Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, to give the game a legitimate feel. Longshot, it is important to remember this is EA's first iteration of the Story Mode. You will notice a few areas that need to be improved, but you will end up happy you played Longshot. Here's everything you need to know about: https://www.u4gm.com/madden-nfl-18.

Throughout the story, you will have the opportunity to make decisions. From how you respond to coaching to answering a media question, you will choose from two or three options. Your decisions impact your scouting report which shows a consensus of how NFL teams view you throughout the pre-draft process.

Madden 18 does come with a few new plays and minor features to try in the game, like new grabbing tackles and a revamped Ball Hawk mechanic, but aside from that the only thing that has noticeably given the newest title a standout compared to last year’s edition is that it's more polished and smoother. Like a fine wine, Madden ages quite nicely.

Madden 18 feels a lot smoother than previous installments, making for a much more immersive experience that doesn't constantly hiccup and makes you want to punt your controller into the TV's end field. Madden's fantasy football feature, is also seeing a return this year, and its every bit of fun as it was last year. Have you ever managed to buy madden 18 coins from a professional website such as U4GM?

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Madden 18 is a football video game developed by EA Sports. Madden 18 has the franchise's first story mode, which lets users follow a player as he tries to get drafted. A similar feature has proved popular in EA's most recent game. Madden NFL 18 takes a significant visual leap with the power of the Frostbite engine. We remind you that cheap madden mobile coins for sale on U4GM.

Madden is now out, the story mode in Madden NFL 18 is called Longshot, and it's easily the most dramatic change to this year's game. Longshot's first few acts are by far its most interesting. Madden is an officially licensed product from the NFL, so I can't realistically expect Longshot to scrutinize some of football's darker realities.

Longshot, it deserves the bulk of the attention here because much of the rest of Madden NFL 18 isn't dramatically different than last year's game. In many ways, that's not really a problem. Madden NFL 18 is a more accessible and ambitious game. Madden 18 does bring an entirely new approach to graphics thanks to the Frostbite engine and the game has an entirely new realism as a result of it.

In Madden 18, one of the newest additions to is its story mode known as Longshot. According to EA, this mode will be a cinematic and playable experience. Basically EA is looking to make it a playable movie. We expect any new iteration of an annual game to look better than last year's version but Madden 18 truly is a leap forward in terms of looks. And we'll be keeping a close eye on the official website to let you know more, click for source.

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Madden 18 is in the best real-world NFL matchups, the game is bound to be the most photorealistic game to date thanks to new stadium exteriors surrounded by vast cityscapes. Madden NFL 18 introduces Longshot, a football redemption story you can play, this is also the new and main story mode in Madden 18. Madden 18's modes details and this game's features list, reference from here.

Favorite Ways To Play
MUT Squads: Team up with friends and dominate the gridiron.
MUT Champions: Put your Madden Ultimate Team to the test by competing in MUT Champions.
MUT Draft (formally Draft Champions): Get all the excitement that comes with drafting a fantasy team and competing in Madden.

Coverage Assignment: Know your job in pass coverage with an on-screen, real-time UI system informing you of your coverage assignment in pass defense.
Coach Adjustments: Customize the AI to fit your game plan and make situational changes to your strategy on the fly as the game demands it.
Target Passing: Throw to who you want, in the exact spot on the field with all-new Target Passing, giving you, ultimate control over where the ball is thrown.
Play Styles: Play the game you want by selecting from three new and unique play styles catering each match up to your specifications:
Simulation - True to player and team ratings using authentic NFL rules and gameplay.
Arcade - Action- packed excitement filled with spectacular plays and scoring with limited penalties.
Competitive - Your stick skills are key -- earn big rewards for your skill or receive bigger penalties.

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When it comes to Madden 18, the game brings much improvements and new features, hence, let's look back on Madden 18's new features and gameplay improvements. If you have more tiny details, and need to be answered, you can directly go to website and know more the latest news about this game.

Blocking, Defender Engagement, and Tackle Animations
These areas of gameplay were in desperate need of an upgrade. Madden 18 improves the overall look and feel of the battle in the trenches between O-lineman and D-lineman. D-line gameplay improvements such as reach tackles and 3-man tackle animations make Madden 18 a more realistic experience when playing on defense.

Ratings & Measurements Play Bigger Role
Speaking of WR's, one of Madden 18's gameplay improvements eliminates annoying dropped passes. You should see a noticeable difference when controlling players who are stronger or faster than their defender/opposition. Your stronger players are noticeably stronger than their opposition.

New Playbooks and Formations
Even though EA hasn't completely revamped playbooks, they have tweaked them a little for Madden 18. Diverse playbooks are typically loaded with many different formations, so adding new ones allows for a more in-depth game experience.

New WR Controls
Steerable Run After Catch (RAC) is the first of Madden 18's gameplay improvements that you'll notice off the bat. The Steerable RAC eliminates those annoying instances when a pass near the sidelines carries your WR/RB straight out of bounds. This happens all the time if you throw a pass to the "short side" of the field and near the sideline.

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In Madden 18, the graphics look identical and game modes look higher quality. Longshot is this game main and significant mode, Obviously, what became was, in good stories, all the characters reflect on the central theme. Madden 18's new game engine gives us "crisper looking jukes," and "interactive sidelines." Check out the full information on Madden 18, visit the official website here.

Madden NFL 18 takes a significant visual leap with the power of the Frostbite engine. See stunning new stadium exteriors surrounded by vast cityscapes and watch the spectacle of NFL gameday come to life in the most photorealistic game to date. There are all sorts of new gameplay features and improvements in Madden 18, for instance, new WR controls, ratings & measurements play bigger role and more.

The game follows along with the actual, real-life season, using its Play Live Now feature to update the game as well as its commentary. Fans old and new may find this to be a Madden worth tagging along for. Madden 18 will be here before you know it, that means it's time to start brushing up on your Madden skills.

How to mastery better skills? Madden 18 is now available on worldwide. You know when happy hour comes, players are anxious to immerse themselves into the rich and beautiful football virtual world. Madden 18 coins as the in-game currency is very important which used in transactions to buy top players or powerful weapons. hence, do you intend to buy madden 18 coins and madden mobile coins?